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Piikani Nation man honoured by college

Doane Crow Shoe is the 2021 recipient of the Lethbridge College Career Virtuoso award.

A Piikani Nation man is one of four people being honoured by Lethbridge College.

Doane Crow Shoe joins Brian Wichers, Jess Fehr and Matthew Hemmerling as the 2021 outstanding alumni.

“In a year where there was so much bad news and negative stories, it is such a breath of fresh air to spend time focusing on some positives,” said Jordan Karst, Alumni Advisory Council chair. “Year after year we continue to see how spectacularly Lethbridge College grads are able to perform after leaving the college.”

“This year in particular, it was great to see four graduates who have had such an impact right here in southern Alberta.”

Every year, Lethbridge College honours alumni who continue to make a difference as leaders, innovators and creators as Honouring Excellence recipients.

This year’s recipients are Distinguished Alumni Brian Wichers; Career Virtuoso, Doane Crow Shoe; Community Leader, Jess Fehr; and Rising Star, Matthew Hemmerling.

Doane Crow Shoe graduated from Lethbridge College’s Business Administration — Accounting program in 2004.

Crow Shoe has blended traditional learnings and knowledge of the land with new technology to create a fulfilling career, while giving back to his community.

Crow Shoe sits on the board of directors for Piikani Resource Development Ltd., where he’s taken a hands-on role in creating initiatives and partnerships that generate resources and energy for his home Piikani Nation.

Crow Shoe’s commitment to his community led to his election to Piikani Nation council in 2007, where he has now served four terms.

Crow Shoe is an advocate for renewable energy and has worked to bridge the gap between energy producers and First Nation communities.

For the Piikani Nation, this has included a partnership with Altalink to own equity value generated from transmission lines that cross their land, purchasing a portion of the Oldman Hydro Facility, and owning and operating the Weather Dancer wind turbine, which generates energy for the Piikani Nation.

Through Crow Shoe’s commitment to creating an integrated energy sector, the Piikani Nation has become the first First Nation to own distribution, transmission, and generation facility assets in Alberta.

Crow Shoe’s support of the Piikani Nation extends beyond the energy sector. He helped develop the Piikani Tsi Nii Ka Sin newspaper and app, and Piikani Nation Radio 106.3, to highlight community news and promote the revitalization of the Piikani Nation language.

He also initialized the expansion of C.Y. Ranch that included adding a bison herd and an agricultural and irrigation division, increasing employment and training opportunities for band members.

And Crow Shoe recently spearheaded the Iitai’taamapo’p Group Home for Piikani children in care, which will begin construction this year, adding another layer to his unwavering support of the Piikani Nation.

The 2021 award winners will be recognized at a virtual celebration at 7 p.m. on May 13.

To join in the virtual celebration, visit

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