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Town accepts ‘Walk to Breathe’ challenge

The Town of Fort Macleod has responded to a challenge from a neighbour to support the Lung Association of Alberta and NWT.

Chris Sadlier

Council voted last week to donate $500 to Walk to Breathe, a 500-kilometre journey a man is making to Edmonton from Lethbridge.

“Mayor Doug MacPherson, the mayor of Claresholm, has thrown down the gauntlet,” chief administrative officer Sue Keenan said.

A letter from the Claresholm mayor was on the agenda of council’s June 14 meeting at the G.R. Davis Administration Building.

Chris Sadlier is undertaking the Walk to Breathe to raise awareness and money for the Lung Association.

MacPherson, whose wife had a double lung transplant, was moved when he learned of Sadlier’s walk.

“It hit close to home, in a very positive way,” MacPherson said.

The Claresholm mayor issued a province-wide challenge to municipalities and communities to support Walk to Breathe.

“I encourage you to raise money and help battle the far-reaching and devastating effects of lung disease,” MacPherson wrote in a letter to Fort Macleod council.

MacPherson said the community that raises the most money by July 23 will be declared Alberta’s “community that cares.”

“While lighthearted in this challenge, it is a very important cause,” MacPherson added.

Keenan proposed donating $500 from the Town of Fort Macleod on behalf of MacPherson.

Coun. Kristi Edwards supported a $500 donation, but wondered if that is enough.

“If we really wanted to be the community that cares we could do something more, or do something different,” Edwards said.

Coun. David Orr suggested promoting the challenge to allow Fort Macleod residents to respond.

“I think we could put it out to our community and see what they can come up with,” Orr said. “There are certainly individuals in this community that are affected by this very issue.”

This is the second time Sadlier has walked in support of the Lung Association.

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