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Town holds open house on garbage, recycling

Coun. Kristi Edwards and residents discuss garbage and recycling pick-up in front of a display of materials.

Fort Macleod residents had a chance last week to get more information on the town’s new garbage and recycling collection program.

The Town of Fort Macleod held an open house Dec. 14 at the Fort Macleod and District Community Hall.

Panels were set up in the hall providing information about the program, which adds automated curbside pick-up of garbage and recycling to Fort Macleod.

Council and staff members were on hand to listen to concerns and discuss potential problems.

Coun. Werner Dressler discusses the bins that will be used for curbside pick-up.

Mayor Brent Feyter said he appreciated the more than 100 people who came to the open house.

Residents have their choice of medium or large garbage carts, also known as bins, and must notify the Town Office of their choice by Thursday, Dec. 23.

The bins must be placed curbside at the front of residential properties, although some areas may be asked to put them in different locations.

Curbside pick-up is necessary because the small alleys and utility wires do not provide room for the automated truck.

Bins are to be stored along the exterior of the house or in the garage.

Garbage is to be bagged and bins lids secure to eliminate noxious odours.

Residential garbage will be picked up every second week, while recycling pick-up is weekly.

Businesses on the town’s collection program will receive bins based on anticipated volumes.

Businesses using private contractors at present can contact the Town Office to opt into the town’s service.

The purchase of new bins will be funded by grants the Town of Fort Macleod receives.

Residents concerned about Fort Macleod’s strong winds causing havoc with bins learned the new contractor, GFL Environmental, will reschedule garbage pick-up to the following day in those instances.

The town also noted GFL Environmental is based out of Lethbridge, and has a customer complaint line. People can also contact the Town Office with complaints.

People with mobility issues who are unable to wheel the bins to the curb can contact the Town Office and be added to an assistance program.

Information provided by the town revealed companies were asked to submit bids based on three options.

Those options included:

  • Option 1 — Maintaining the existing level of service with collection points remaining the same.
  • Option 2 — Improved level of service with residential automated curbside collection of garbage and recycling.
  • Option 3 — Improved level of service with residential automated curbside collection of garbage, recycling and organics.

The bids for Option 1 were as follows: O’Sullivan Construction, $413,987; T&T Disposal, $323,903; County 44, $272,701; and Green Arrow Recycling (for recycling only), $108,747.

The bids for Option 2 were as follows: T&T Disposal, $339,472; GFL Environmental, $277,187; and County 44, $223,295.

The bids for Option 3 were as follows: T&T Disposal, $398,224; GFL Environmental, $313,760; and County 44, $262,952.

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