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Willow Creek MPC approves airport hangar

The MD of Willow Creek Municipal Planning Commission approved a request to utilize a hangar at the Claresholm Industrial Airport for storage.

The MPC recently reviewed an application by Rod Penner to utilize the existing building, which is Hangar 4, for indoor and outdoor cold storage for both personal and public use; renovate a portion of the building for a 1,250 sq. ft. residential accommodation and construct a 1,025 sq. ft. attached garage.

It was noted the property had previous owners. From 1975 to 2008 it was owned by Trust Joist (Western) Limited/Weyerhaeuser; and from 2008 to 2019 by ESIP Holdings Ltd./Emercor Ltd.

It appears the property was used for outdoor storage associated to the manufacturing businesses at that time.

In 2016, Penner became the land and Hangar 4 owner.

The applicant proposed to utilize the existing building, Hangar 4, and yard for indoor and outdoor cold storage, and renovate the east portion of the hangar into a residence and a two-car garage.

The proposed residence, as per the MD of Willow Creek’s land use by-law is considered a residence accommodation in conjunction with an approved use.

The building does have existing utilities, potable water and sewer.

The municipal district’s director of infrastructure confirmed a fire protection system is also available, but not being utilized. The fire protection system is charged to the valve but not opened to the building.

The applicant would reside on site, as this would allow him to work on his personal vehicles, work on preserving the existing historical building and provide security for units being stored.

The applicant proposes a maximum of 20 units, being vehicles and recreational vehicles, indoor and outdoor.

There are three existing entrances. One is off Harvard Drive, one off Tiger Moth Crescent and one off the future extension of Lancaster Drive.

The director of infrastructure has no concerns as long as all the gated entrances swing inward to the subject lands, not outward to the roads.

The site will require perimeter fencing to be completed, and gates will be in place and have locks that will allow customers access.

No signage was proposed.

The MPC approved the application.

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