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Workshops planned for older adults

Two new workshop series designed for older adults will be offered this fall. 

The first is the six-part series Living Strong.

Living Well Lethbridge and is offering the program free of charge via the on-line Zoom platform. 

“I developed and delivered this program in the spring for the Alberta Council on Aging, and it was really well received,” facilitator Barb Cavers said.

Living Strong encourages older adults to explore various components of well-being to become more proactive and able to plan for living longer, stronger.

The weekly sessions will cover the topics:

  • Living purposefully.
  • Living well.
  • Social, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Mental well-being.
  • Living safely.
  • Get your paperwork in order and design your legacy.

Register at or call 403-382-6919.

The second program is called The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality, which will be offered through the Martha Retreat Center in Lethbridge, with the option of in-person or Zoom sessions.

This is an opportunity to develop a new perspective on aging, through learning, reflecting, discussing, writing and creating. 

The program is divided into two series, with the first offered this fall and the second in January and February.

Topics include:

Session 1 — The heart of aging with wisdom and vitality.
Session 2: — Images of aging.
Session 3 — Our lives as a cycle of one year.
Session 4 — Loving the self.
Session 5 — Forgiveness: A gift we give others.
Session 6 — Facing our mortality.

Register at or call 403-328-3244.

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