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F.P. Walshe administrators receive Blackfoot names

Staff from F.P. Walshe school and family members of Chad Jensen and Mary Krizan were invited to attend a special ceremony on June 6.

The F.P. Walshe principal and assistant principal were gifted traditional Blackfoot names by Maurice and Betty Ann Little Wolf. 

Over the last couple years the elders have observed Jensen and Krizan taking a proactive role in learning about the Blackfoot culture and building relationships with members of the Blackfoot  community. 

Each has taken the time to sit with elders, parents and students to foster these relationships.

Their commitment to addressing the educational calls to action and working towards reconciliation with staff and students has been prevalent.

They truly do care for all students as the motto at F.P. Walshe states, “We Are Walshe.” Everyone, no matter where they come from, no matter who they are: they all belong at Walshe.

Kiaayotooma, Bear Butte is the name given to Chad Jensen.  Bear Butte is near Rapid City, South Dakota. Bear Butte was chosen because the bear is a marker of territory and within that territory he is the protector of all.  F.P. Walshe is Chad Jensen’s territory and in that territory he is the protector of all the staff and students.

Piitaoamiinaakii, Eagle Winged Woman, is the name given to Mary Krizan. She wraps her wings around the children with her love and guidance.