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F.P. Walshe volleyball alumni battle on court

Two new teams have bragging rights on the volleyball courts in Fort Macleod

Team 5 beat Team 4 Saturday afternoon to claim its first championship of the F.P. Walshe men’s alumni tournament. Team 5 players were Brayden Van Driesten, Cody Needham, Stu Poettcker, Cole Layton, Andrew Orr and Conlan Donahue.

On the women’s side, Team 2 beat Team 1 to win the tournament played at F.P. Walshe school. Team 2 was Alex Garrett, Tiegan Trotter, Abby Bourassa, Grace Boutland, Payton Van Driesten, Grayson Archibald and Sheridan George.

Four alumni teams, along with the 2021-’22 F.P. Walshe Flyers, took part in the men’s tournament.
Six teams, including the 2021-’22 Flyers, played in the women’s tournament.

A total of 70 players took part in the tournaments, which raised more than $2,500. The tournament is a fund-raiser in support of the high school volleyball programs at F.P. Walshe school.

The following re the alumni men’s rosters:

  • Team 4 — Toad Gunderson, Mo Gunderson, Dave Gunderson, Nolan Jetten, Jace Jessen and Jazzy Jessen.
  • Team 2 — Tirone Parker, Caleb McGale, Aidan Kidd, Shane Clever, Anthony Burdett and John Zmurchyk.
  • Team 3 — Jordan Gunderson, Logan Orr, Mark Burbank, Carter Hansen, Dusty Orr and Jance McGale.

The following are the women’s alumni rosters:

  • Team 1 — Randi DeJong, Cherum Orr, Chelsie Wolff, Erin Weir, Kristi Malasheski, Liisa Gillingham and Robyn McGale.
  • Team 3 — Christie Burdett, Kortney Orr, Sarah Orr, Noah Jessen, Lauren Gunderson and Bella Duce.
  • Team 5 — Leslie Kramer, Lindy Lauder, Marie Hoffman, Paige Knauf, Kim Rempel, Ashley Luther and Avery Balmer.
  • Team 6 — Leanne Neels, Lindsey Hogenson, Jaden Cullen, Megan Gainford and Lindsey Zielinski.
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