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Kids First Family Centre


In recognition of Literacy Day on Thursday, Jan. 27, Kids First Family Centre is featuring a few special ways for the whole family to engage and enjoy reading together.

Come down to W.A. Day school and take the Story Walk set up by parent educator Colleen Beck.

Follow the fence line as it will take you and your little ones through the story The Mitten.

Take this fun opportunity to get some family reading done in the outdoors. 

Here are some helpful hints to get your whole family motivated to enjoy reading together.

• Pick a movie with a good book adaptation (Princess Bride, Harry Potter, Diary of Wimpy Kid etc.) and read the book together as a family first, aloud or shared, discuss it, then watch the film adaptation.

What was changed, did those changes make it a better or worse experience for you, which did you prefer?

You can even make a game of it with pointing out major changes from the book missing in the movie.

• Go local, visit your library or museum and find a book written by a local writer. It helps support your local arts community.

These books are of immediate interest to people as they showcase the culture and history of your community.

• Help out a sibling with reading. It can be a great way to spend time with your little brother, sister or little cousin.

They already look up to you, show them how fun reading is, by reading and spending some time with them.

• Simply have fun. Find something you are interested in and enjoy reading.

It doesn’t have to be a great classic novel, but a comic book, encyclopedia, a magazine, book of poetry, a how to book, a cookbook, you name it. If it gets you and your family reading it is a good thing!

Enjoy your reading adventures from the staff of Kids First Family Centre.