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Monstars top Fort Macleod’s STARS volleyball tournament


A record 48 teams competed in four divisions in the 19th STARS Co-ed Volleyball Tournament held April 14-16.

There were 14 teams competing in the competitive division, 12 teams in the intermediate division , 12 teams in the recreational division and 10 teams in the beer league division.

The competition was intense in all divisions with a lot of close matches as teams pushed to make the playoffs. 

Competitive division  

Monstars (Jon Cahill) defeated Jamie Brown’s team in an exciting final.

Third place in the competitive division was won by Big Dig Energy (Conlan Donahue) as they defeated Ace Holes (Jordan Wanaas).

Competitive consolation side winner was Gingas Retirement Home (Haiden Hurtig).

Intermediate division 

Gunderstruck (Thomas Gunderson) defeated Calm Your Tips (Guy Day Chief) in an exciting three-set final.

Third place in the intermediate division was won by Flatten The Serve (Brooklyn Gathercole) as they defeated Jared Poytress’s team.

Intermediate consolation side winner was No Digity (Heather Ancil).

Recreational division 

Bumper Mufflin (Lindsey Zelinski) defeated Back Door Dumps (Leslie Kramer) in the final.

Third place in the recreational division went to Bump, Set, Pysch (Marnie Ling) as they defeated Hit For Brains (Chelsie Wolff).

Recreational consolation side winner was The Farm Team (Brittany Flynn).

Beer league division

Volley Llamas (Dustin Auger) defeated Mike Bourassa’s team in the final.

Third place in the beer league division was won by Hits and Giggles (Leanne Neels) as they defeated Wannabees (Barry Campbell. 

Beer league consolation side winner was Jell-O Shots ( Brandy Archbald).

The Fort Macleod Volleyball Club would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the players, volunteers and donors who helped make the 19th STARS Volleyball Tournament for Charity a great success.

The Fort Macleod Volleyball Club was once again able to work with a variety of organizations and individuals in town to not only raise money for STARS but to raise money for their individual organizations.

Our door prize and cash donations were fantastic again this year and the number of people who were willing to donate their time to help out was much appreciated.

The stands at the arena were full of fans and family members all weekend as well. 

A special thanks goes out to the following people and organizations. Without the efforts of these people, and many others to numerous to mention, this year’s STARS tournament would not have been possible.

Thanks to F.P. Walshe Grad 2023; F.P. Walshe senior boys and girls referees;Town of Fort Macleod recreation staff; Jake Roelofsen; Ryan and Katherine Doyle; Craig Patton and the staff at W A Day school; Sarah Jordan and her crew from Taber Minor Basketball; Lacey and Aaron Poytress; LVC U14 Boys; and Citizens on Patrol.

Ticket sellers were Richelle Paiha, Erin Williamson, Marlene Trotter, Sydney Tobler, Sarah Foote, Kathleen Van Herk, Sharon Cleaver, Kate Glover and Amy Boyd.

The front door crew was Bruce and Pam Young, Lynn Asuchak, Coralee Markland, Nina Vandervelden, Ute Eremenko, Marilyn Roemer, Janet Tilbe, Rowena Perrin and Vicki Larson.

Bartenders were Jaenessa Ives, Hanna Kvame, Mary Braconnier, Jaimie Orr, Leroy Rogers, Wes Stockton, Brad Holtz and Mike Davis.

Thanks also to MA Catering staff; The Macleod Gazette staff; Ken Kain; Tyler Ivy;Sarah Eccleston of STARS; Bella Duce; Nate Garstad; Abby Bourassa; Tyler Van Herk; Drayden Weir; Garrett and Andrea McDougall; Steve Hoglund; Laurel Anderson and Chris Adamiak; and anyone else who was not on this list who helped out in some way. There are so many people who are willing to help out with this tournament that sometimes its hard to keep track of you all. 

We think the fact that so many businesses and individuals found it in themselves to give so generously to this worthwhile event says a lot about the spirit of this great community and the participants in this tournament. Thank you again to those who helped us keep STARS in the sky.

Many thanks from the STARS tournament organizing team of Brayden Van Driesten, Lauren Roelofsen, Leanne Neels, Janene Van Driesten, Landon Schneider, Wes Stockton, Lindsey Zielinsky, Paige Knauf, Chelsie Wolff, Tom Lyon, Angela Martin and Mike Bourassa.

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