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Seasoned Veterans win F.P. Walshe alumni tournament

Led by tournament MVP Jay Whitehead, the Seasoned Veterans won the annual F.P. Walshe alumni basketball tournament on Dec. 31.

The Seasoned Veterans, who won all three games in the one-day tournament, also included Adam Quinton, Jason Jessen, Jayson Ronald, Thomas Gunderson, Randy Whitehead, Wes Gurney, Tim Whitehead, Aaron Poytress and Mike Derricott.

Dusty Orr, Brad Orr, Morgan Gunderson, Jordan Gunderson, Anthony Burdett, Matt Burbank, Ian Ronald, Nathan Orr, Tanner Clarke, and Jared Steed formed the Too Old to be Young, Too Young to be Old team.

Playing for Young Bucks were Ben Duce, Tristan Luther, Ryan Clarke, Tason Perry, Mitch Boychuk, Shoddy Perry, Jace Jessen, Tate Jessen, Braden Jessen and Jeff Perry.

Rounding out the competition were the 2022-’23 Flyers, whose line-up included John Pineda, Lance Felicen, Jared Gurney, Mathias Rippin, Theo McDougall, Ben Oosterwijk, Sandro Brussee and Saxon Fox.

The Seasoned Veterans opened the tournament Saturday morning with a narrow 55-53 win over the Too Old squad.

Tim Whitehead had 10 points for the Veterans, Mike Derricott had nine and Aaron Poytress had eight. Jordan Gunderson had 12 points and Anthony Burdett had 11 for Too Old.

In the second game of the day, four Young Bucks hit double digits as they beat the Flyers 65-53.

Anthony Burdett
Anthony Burdett goes up for a lay-up against Tim Whitehead.

Jace Jessen had 13, Shody Perry had 12, and Matt Smith and Rylan Clarke each had 11 points. John Pineda had 23 for the Flyers.

The Seasoned Veterans faced another tough test against the Young Bucks, pulling out a tight 69-66 victory in the third game.

Adam Quinton had 13 points for the Seasoned Veterans, Aaron Poytress had 13 and Jay Whitehead had 12.

Shody Perry had 26 for the Young Bucks and Jace Jessen scored 17.

In the fourth game of the tournament, Team Too Old dominated the Flyers 88-61.

Anthony Burdett had 16 points for the winners, Dusty Orr had 15, Tanner Clarke had 14 and Jared Steed had 12.

Ben Oosterwijk had 21 points for the Flyers and Saxon Fox had 14.

The Seasoned Veterans knocked off the Flyers 72-50 in the tournament’s fifth game.

Jayson Ronald poured in 22 points for the Seasoned Veterans and Tim Whitehead had 14. Sandro Brussee scored 14 for the Flyers and Ben Oosterwijk had 11.

Tim Whitehead
Tim Whitehead goes up for a jump shot.

In the final game, Team Too Old beat the Young Bucks 69-59.

Mo Gunderson scored 16 points, Matt Burbank had 11 and Jared Steed had 10 for Too Old. Rylan Clarke had 15 points for the Young Bucks, Shoddy Perry had 11 and Jace Jessen had 10.